A national survey of managed honey bee 2013–2014 annual colony losses in the USA

Kathleen V. Lee, Nathalie Steinhauer, Karen Rennich, Michael E. Wilson, David R. Tarpy, Dewey M. Caron, Robyn Rose, Keith S. Delaplane, Kathy Baylis, Eugene J. Lengerich, Jeff Pettis, John A. Skinner, James T. Wilkes, Ramesh Sagili, Dennis vanEngelsdorp

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Honey bee colony losses are a major concern in the USA and across the globe. Long-term data on losses are critical for putting yearly losses in context. US colony loss surveys have been conducted yearly since the winter of 2006–2007. Here, we report the results from the eighth annual survey on winter losses and the second annual survey of summer and annual losses. There were 7425 valid respondents (7123 backyard, 190 sideline, and 112 commercial beekeepers) managing 497,855 colonies, 19 % of the total US colonies. Total losses reported were 19.8 % [95 % CI 19.3–20.3 %] over the summer, 23.7 % [95 % CI 23.3–24.1 %] over the winter, and 34.1 % [95 % CI 33.6–34.6 %] for the whole year. Average losses were 15.1 % [95 % CI 14.5–15.7 %] over the summer, 44.8 % [95 % CI 43.9–45.7 %] over the winter, and 51.1 % [95 % CI 50.2–51.6 %] for the whole year. While total winter loss was one of the lowest reported in 8 years, 66 % of all beekeepers had higher losses than they deemed acceptable.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)292-305
Number of pages14
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 1 2015

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