A new genus and a new species of onchidiid slugs from eastern Indonesia (Gastropoda: Euthyneura: Onchidiidae)

Tricia C. Goulding, Munawar Khalil, Shau Hwai Tan, Benoît Dayrat

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The taxonomy of the Onchidiidae is currently being revised based on extensive sampling, molecular data, and examination of all type specimens available. A new genus, Alionchis Goulding & Dayrat, new genus is described here for a new species, Alionchis jailoloensis Goulding & Dayrat, new species, which is highly distinct from all other onchidiids. Alionchis jailoloensis lives on the mud in mangrove forests and can be easily identified in the field by its large eye tentacles and a hyponotum with a bright white margin. A new genus name is created because Alionchis jailoloensis does not belong to any existing onchidiid genus. The present study is based on an integrative approach to taxonomy, using nomenclatural history, comparative anatomy, molecular data, as well as natural history field observations. Alionchis jailoloensis is endemic to Halmahera, eastern Indonesia. Onchidium meriakrii Stantschinsky, 1907, with a type locality in Queensland, Australia, is transferred to Alionchis but is regarded as a nomen dubium.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)337-349
Number of pages13
JournalRaffles Bulletin of Zoology
StatePublished - 2018

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  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics


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