A smarter transition for smart technologies

Janet M. Sater, George Lesieutre, Chris Martin

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The multidisciplinary field of smart materials and structures has grown rapidly and their integration has yielded systems that adapt to environmental and operational conditions. Smart materials are being used in various smart technologies including integrity monitoring, vibration and noise suppression, shape change, and multifunctional concepts for all types of vehicles in all environments. The smart materials enhance aircraft and rotorcraft performance by manipulating lift or reducing drag, improve aerodynamics, and reduce manufacturing and assembly costs by integrating power and electronic systems. Smart materials and structures technologists can learn from the experience of the advanced composite materials community. A new generation of designers has been educated about the benefits of advanced composites, along with appropriate design methodologies.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages4
Specialist publicationAerospace America
StatePublished - Jun 2006

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  • Aerospace Engineering


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