A social interactionist approach to violence: Cross-cultural applications

R. B. Felson, J. T. Tedeschi

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A 'social interactionist approach' is applied to incidents of interpersonal violence in a variety of cultures. Violence, like other forms of coercion, is viewed as goal-oriented behavior, designed to produce compliance, restore retributive justice, and to assert and protect social identities. The approach emphasizes the role of grievances and social control, the escalation of coercive interactions when identities are attacked, and the role of third parties. It is suggested that the incentives for violence and other forms of coercion are similar in all cultures.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)295-310
Number of pages16
JournalViolence and victims
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1993

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  • Pathology and Forensic Medicine
  • Health(social science)
  • Law


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