A strain-tunable nanoimprint lithography for linear variable photonic crystal filters

Longju Liu, Haris A. Khan, Jingjing Li, Andrew C. Hillier, Meng Lu

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This paper presents the fabrication methodology of a linear variable photonic crystal (PC) filter with narrowband reflection that varies over a broad spectral range along the length of the filter. The key component of the linear variable PC filter is a polymer surface-relief grating whose period changes linearly as a function of its position on the filter. The grating is fabricated using a nanoreplica molding process with a wedge-shaped elastomer mold. The top surface of the mold carries the grating pattern and the wedge is formed by a shallow angle between the top and bottom surfaces of the mold. During the replica molding process, a uniaxial force is applied to stretch the mold, resulting in a nearly linearly varying grating period. The period of the grating is determined using the magnitude of the force and the local thickness of the mold. The grating period of the fabricated device spans a range of 421.8-463.3 nm over a distance of 20 mm. A high refractive index dielectric film is deposited on the graded-period grating to act as the waveguide layer of the PC device. The resonance reflection feature of the device varies linearly in a range of 680.2-737.0 nm over the length of the grating.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number295301
Issue number29
StatePublished - Jun 8 2016

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