Acoustics technical committee highlights: 2008-2009

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Some activities in the study of rotorcraft acoustics by members of the AHS Acoustics Technical Committee are discussed. In an effort to enhance the fidelity of analytical rotor noise prediction capability at Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (BHTI), the fuselage and its interference effects have been incorporated into the acoustic model. The source terms to the analytical model for the main and tail rotors are computed using BHTI's in-house Comprehensive Program for Theoretical Evaluation of Rotor-craft (COPTER) integrated with the CHARM Free Wake/Panel code and a rotating blade CFD code. A study of acoustic scattering of rotorcraft noise was investigated in the frequency domain for a Bo 105 helicopter in hovering flight. The Acoustics Group at the University of Maryland is actively involved in conducting fundamental experimental and theoretical studies to investigate rotor impulsive noise. The University has also developed and demonstrated an optics-based tip-path plane tracking system, which uses four fuselage mounted cameras to acquire images.

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StatePublished - Sep 2009

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