Application of thermochromic liquid crystal to rotating surfaces

C. Camci, G. Glezer, J. M. Owen, R. G. Pilbrow, B. J. Syson

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Encapsulated thermochromic liquid crystal (TLC) can be used to measure the surface temperature of stationary or rotating bodies. However, some research workers have reported a "rotational shift": when the temperature of a rotating body is measured by thermocouples and TLC, there is a difference between the two sets of temperatures, and this difference increases with increasing rotational speed. Two research groups (Camci and Glezer in the USA, and Owen, Pilbrow and Syson in the UK) have independently examined the effect of speed on TLC applied to the surfaces of rotating disks. The USA group used narrow-band TLC on a disk of 305-mm diameter rotating up to 7500 rev/min, measuring the surface temperature using an infra-red (lit) sensor. The UK group used wide-band TLC on a disk of 580-mm diameter rotating up to 7000 rev/min, measuring the temperature with an IR thermal imager. Both groups used the so-called hue technique to evaluate the temperature of the TLC and concluded that, even for centripetal accelerations in excess of 10 4g, there is no significant effect of rotational speed on either narrow-band or wide-band TLC. It is suggested that the "rotational shift" observed by some researchers was probably caused by thermaldisturbance errors, which affected the thermocouples, rather than by changes in the TLC.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationHeat Transfer; Electric Power; Industrial and Cogeneration
PublisherWeb Portal ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
ISBN (Electronic)9780791878750
StatePublished - 1996
EventASME 1996 International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition, GT 1996 - Birmingham, United Kingdom
Duration: Jun 10 1996Jun 13 1996

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NameASME 1996 International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition, GT 1996


OtherASME 1996 International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition, GT 1996
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom

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