Big Data Technologies and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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The purpose of this article is to report on a systematic review performed on the literature describing the research on the use of big data technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Big data technologies refer to a variety of technologies that are associated with big data such as data analytics, machine learning, and data mining. The systematic review uses a set of search terms that describe the topic under study and performs searches on major databases. The returns from these searches are subjected to content analysis to determine their primary topic and those that are focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing are then analyzed to reveal research emphasis, tools used, and major findings. The literature is then organized to reveal the structure of the body of literature. A total of 64 papers met the inclusion requirements for the study and they represent four themes: Manufacturing Specific Products, General Manufacturing Process Control, Safety/QC, and Manufacturing Management. A review such as this provides guidance to researchers to expand their current research.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2022

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