Characterization of anthocyanins and anthocyanidins in purple-fleshed sweetpotatoes by HPLC-DAD/ESI-MS/MS

Van Den Truong, Deighton Nigel, Roger T. Thompson, Roger F. Mcfeeters, Lisa O. Dean, Kenneth V. Pecota, G. Craig Yencho

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Purple-fleshed sweetpotatoes (PFSP) can be a healthy food choice for consumers and a potential source for natural food colorants. This study aimed to Identify anthocyanins and anthocyanidlns in PFSP, and to evaluate the effect of thermal processing on these polyphenollc compounds. Freezedried powder of raw and steamed samples of three PFSP varieties were extracted with acidified methanol using a Dionex ASE 200 accelerated solvent extractor. Seventeen anthocyanins were identified by HPLC-DAD/ESI-MS/MS for Stokes Purple and NC 415 varieties with five major compounds: cyanidin 3-caffeoylsophoroside-5-glucoside, peonidin 3-caffeoylsophoroside-5-glucoside, cyanidin 3-caffeoyl-p- hydroxybenzoylsophoroside-5-glucoside, peonidin 3-caffeoyl-p-hydroxybenzoyl- sophoroside-5-glucoside, and peonidin-caffeoyl-feruloylsophoroside-5-glucoside. Okinawa variety showed 12 pigments with 3 major peaks Identified as cyanidin 3-caffeoylsophoroside5-glucoslde, cyanidln 3-(6",6'"- dicaffeoylsophoroside)-5-glucoside and cyanidln 3-(6"-caffeoyl- 6'"feruloylsophoroside)-5-glucoslde. Steam cooking had no significant effect on total anthocyanin content or the anthocyanin pigments. Cyanidin and peonidin, which were the major anthocyanldins In the acid hydrolyzed extracts, were well separated and quantified by HPLC with external standards. Cyanidin and peonidin, which contribute to the blue and red hues of PFSP, can be simply quantified by HPLC after acid hydrolysis of the anthocyanins.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)404-410
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of agricultural and food chemistry
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 13 2010

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  • General Chemistry
  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences


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