China is now the leading nation for coal-in-the-title journal articles, overtaking the US. There has been a rapid rise in coal research within China as it "fuels" much of the electricity generation expansion but also a coal-to-liquids and coal-to-chemical industry. Research was performed to identify journals covering coal science research in the Chinese language(s) and to identify the leading organizations (academic and companies) publishing coal research between 2000 and June of 2012. Unfortunately, locating Chinese language publications, related to coal science, was challenging due to very limited navigation in English and lack of automation for citation collection common for English language journals. Chinese language publications however tend to also include English titles and often abstracts too. Furthermore some of the journals were also available in English-language translations indicating a greater desire for an international presence in coal science. Leading journals for quantity of relevant publications were the Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology, Journal of China Coal Society and its associated Journal of Coal Science and Engineering, with other examples such as: Coal Conversion, Boiler Technology, Journal of Engineering Thermophysics etc. Thus it appears that there are limited coal science publications in the Chinese language with the greater volume being in English publications. for English language publications articles containing "coal" in the title were identified using the ISI Web of Knowledge selecting only the Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded) database to identify the leading publishing organizations in China (2000 to 2012 June). Those with > 100 papers during this period were The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Mining Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua University. Wordle word cloud plots were produced for these and the other leading institutions to identify regional interests and specialties. There was great interest in coal combustion for many of these institutions, often being he leading subject. In other universities there were obvious specializations in coal gasification, coal liquefaction, oxy-combustion, pollution control etc. Of the journal articles some 29% in total were published in the leadings international journals Energy and Fuels (238 papers), Fuel (204), Fuel Processing Technology (121), and the International Journal of Coal Geology (115). This is slightly less than the 33% from US academic sources published in these journals. The remaining 1653 articles from China are incredibly well dispersed among 404 other journals with only eight of those journals having more than 30 articles. The other US articles were similarly well dispersed (469 journals). Clearly Chinese coal science has a significant number of coal publications in the leading coal science journals. The greatest frequency of international collaboration (up to 25% of the papers) was between China and the U.S., Australia, Japan, and the UK.

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Other29th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference 2012, PCC 2012
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