Clinical practice guidelines on interventional management of low back pain: A synthesis of recommendations

Timothy J. Olivier, Chaitanya Konda, Tri Pham, Becky Baltich Nelson, Ankit Patel, G. Sunny Sharma, Kavita Trivedi, Thiru M. Annaswamy

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Objective: To summarize the recommendations on the interventional management of subacute and chronic nonradicular low back pain (LBP) from the 21 quality-appraised clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) identified in a previously published paper: “Quality of Clinical Practice Guidelines on Interventional Management of Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review.” By disseminating this information, we aimed to facilitate the implementation of these recommendations into clinical practice. Type: Systematic Review. Literature Survey: Electronic bibliographic databases, guideline databases, and gray literature were searched from January 2016 to January 2020 to identify CPGs that met study criteria. Methodology: A total of 21 CPGs were quality appraised and interventional management recommendations were extracted and organized into several treatment categories including epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency procedures (RF), facet injections, sacroiliac injections, and prolotherapy. Within each treatment category, the recommendations were organized based on two factors: quality of CPG and strength of recommendation. Synthesis: Overall, there was no consistency in recommendations for or against any interventional procedure, even when accounting for the quality of the CPG. In all of the CPGs reviewed, the most common strength of recommendation was weakly for. The second, third, and fourth most common strength of recommendations were inconclusive, weakly against, and strongly against, respectively, and the least common was strongly for. The treatment categories with the greatest number of recommendations were RF procedures (most common strength of recommendation was weakly for) and facet procedures. Among the high-quality CPGs, the most common strength of recommendation was inconclusive. Conclusions: Most of the interventional management recommendations for management of nonradicular LBP in the 21 CPGs appraised in this review were either weakly for, weakly against, or inconclusive, with several recommendations within each treatment category contradicting each other. Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation Instrument quality appraisals of CPGs on interventional management of LBP were of unclear utility in guiding clinical implementation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1052-1063
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JournalPM and R
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2023

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