Complete genomic sequence of Bacteriophage Felix O1

Jean M. Whichard, Lee A. Weigt, Douglas J. Borris, Ling Ling Li, Qing Zhang, Vivek Kapur, F. William Pierson, Erika J. Lingohr, Yi Min She, Andrew M. Kropinski, Nammalwar Sriranganathan

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Bacteriophage O1 is a Myoviridae A1 group member used historically for identifying Salmonella. Sequencing revealed a single, linear, 86,155-base-pair genome with 39% average G+C content, 131 open reading frames, and 22 tRNAs. Closest protein homologs occur in Erwinia amylovora phage φEa21-4 and Escherichia coli phage wV8. Proteomic analysis indentified structural proteins: Gp23, Gp36 (major tail protein), Gp49, Gp53, Gp54, Gp55, Gp57, Gp58 (major capsid protein), Gp59, Gp63, Gp64, Gp67, Gp68, Gp69, Gp73, Gp74 and Gp77 (tail fiber). Based on phage-host codon differences, 7 tRNAs could affect translation rate during infection. Introns, holin-lysin cassettes, bacterial toxin homologs and host RNA polymerase-modifying genes were absent.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)710-730
Number of pages21
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2010

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