Current State of Genomics in Nursing: A Scoping Review of Healthcare Provider Oriented (Clinical and Educational) Outcomes (2012–2022)

Joanne Thomas, Jordan Keels, Kathleen A. Calzone, Laurie Badzek, Sarah Dewell, Christine Patch, Emma T. Tonkin, Andrew A. Dwyer

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In the 20 years since the initial sequencing of the human genome, genomics has become increasingly relevant to nursing. We sought to chart the current state of genomics in nursing by conducting a systematic scoping review of the literature in four databases (2012–2022). The included articles were categorized according to the Cochrane Collaboration outcome domains/sub-domains, and thematic analysis was employed to identify key topical areas to summarize the state of the science. Of 8532 retrieved articles, we identified 232 eligible articles. The articles primarily reported descriptive studies from the United States and other high-income countries (191/232, 82%). More than half (126/232, 54.3%) aligned with the “healthcare provider oriented outcomes” outcome domain. Three times as many articles related to the “knowledge and understanding” sub-domain compared to the “consultation process” subdomain (96 vs. 30). Five key areas of focus were identified, including “nursing practice” (50/126, 40%), “genetic counseling and screening” (29/126, 23%), “specialist nursing” (21/126, 17%), “nurse preparatory education” (17/126, 13%), and “pharmacogenomics” (9/126, 7%). Only 42/126 (33%) articles reported interventional studies. To further integrate genomics into nursing, study findings indicate there is a need to move beyond descriptive work on knowledge and understanding to focus on interventional studies and implementation of genomics into nursing practice.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number2013
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2023

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