Current trends in pyrrole and porphyrin-derived nanoscale materials for biomedical applications

Parinaz Fathi, DIpanjan Pan

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This article is written to provide an up-to-date review of pyrrole-based biomedical materials. Porphyrins and other tetrapyrrolic molecules possess unique magnetic, optical and other photophysical properties that make them useful for bioimaging and therapy. This review touches briefly on some of the synthetic strategies to obtain porphyrin- and tetrapyrrole-based nanoparticles, as well as the variety of applications in which crosslinked, self-assembled, porphyrin-coated and other nanoparticles are utilized. We explore examples of these nanoparticles' applications in photothermal therapy, drug delivery, photodynamic therapy, stimuli response, fluorescence imaging, photoacoustic imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and positron emission tomography. We anticipate that this review will provide a comprehensive summary of pyrrole-derived nanoparticles and provide a guideline for their further development.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2493-2515
Number of pages23
Issue number25
StatePublished - Oct 2020

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