Curriculum as Endarkened Feminist Third Space: Alternative possibilities, revision, reciprocity, and surrender in teacher professional development

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This article reveals how an Endarkened Feminist Third Space was actualized through the creation and facilitation of “Race Space” Critical Professional Development (RSCPD) for teachers; that is, a space composed of reciprocity, surrender, and a willingness to revise one’s performances of the present. Building upon previous scholarly calls for (and theorizations of) curriculum as space, endarkened feminist epistemologies, and Third Space, I theorize Endarkened Feminist Third Space through an ethnographic case study of teacher professional development (PD) and an embedded multiple case study of teacher participants. I respond to the following research questions: (a) How did an Endarkened Feminist Third Space become actualized as curriculum within RSCPD; and (b) How did this actualization support social justice teaching and action among participants? A critical discourse analysis of focal dialogic exchanges unearthed several moments in which an Endarkened Feminist Third Space was actualized for each participant in the following ways: (a) collaborative strategizing and surrendering fears to subversively act; (b) being challenged to (re)consider alternative possibilities and political performances; (c) revision and intervention in the here and now; and (d) reciprocity. Ultimately, through the actualization of an Endarkened Feminist Third Space, teacher and facilitator ways of knowing/acting were both welcomed and called into question for the purposes of revising their performances of the present, surrendering to alternative possibilities, and reciprocity. Finally, I discuss the need for epistemologically rich and feminized interrogations of space within PD for facilitator growth and enhanced social justice teaching and being among teachers.

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JournalCurriculum Inquiry
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StatePublished - 2023

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