Delaminated Patellar Tendon Rupture in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report

Frederick Mun, Rachel A. Thomas, Raymond Y. Kim, Joseph L. Petfield

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Case:We present a 12-year-old boy with partial delamination of the patellar tendon in the coronal plane and bipolar avulsion fracture of the tibial tubercle and patella after a planting injury while skateboarding. Pediatric patellar tendon rupture with associated bipolar avulsion fractures is rare. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, a delamination injury pattern of the patellar tendon has not been described.Conclusion:This type of extensor mechanism injury has not been reported in the literature. Repair with Krackow sutures and suture-bone tunnel technique, with consideration of the proximal tibial physis, is a safe and effective way to fix this unique pathology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere23.00335
JournalJBJS case connector
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 19 2023

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  • Surgery
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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