Deliberative conversation: Possibilities of equity in everyday schooling

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Resonating with Jimmy Dugan and John Dewey, James Henderson unequivocally believe that Jim Henderson and his colleagues engaged in an immensely challenging and supremely significant project, educating for strong democratic living and being. In this first of four rounds of interactive commentary, James Henderson have the delightful privilege of initiating a dialogue with an international group of distinguished educators around promises and professional challenge associated with this chapter major themes. It is our sincere hope that the ensuing conversation will further highlight the compelling nature of Reconceptualizing Curriculum Development (RCD) and additionally animate reader's interest in the disciplined. To summarize this chapter, given irrepressibly fluid transactions across multiple spheres of life and their resultant unpredictability and complexity, it is inevitable that educators will continually need to check their compasses and stay attuned with students about how the curricular journey is proceeding. Unanticipated construction and needed detours plus educative sidetrack and promising redirections will generate ongoing, on-the-ground revisions of original plans.

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