Dendritic patch

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So far we have discussed patch clamp procedures that target the neuronal soma. However, electrical properties of neurons are critically influenced by dendrites, which not only make up a large portion of neuron’s surface area and but also receive a large proportion of synaptic inputs. The electrical properties of dendritic membrane and somatic membrane can be vey different. Therefore, recording electrical properties directly from dendrites is desired in some experimental designs. Luckily, skilled electrophysiologists have optimized electrophysiological protocols that allow neuronal dendritic recording. Such recordings have provided important information regarding voltage-gated ion channel distribution and function [1-5], differences between somatic and dendritic membrane channel properties [6, 7], and synaptic integration of backpropagating action potentials combined with synaptic potentials [8-10]. The purpose of this chapter is to provide the beginning electrophysiologist with the necessary information required to maximize their success rate for dendritic recordings. While reading this chapter, we also would like to refer the reader to a superb detailed approach to dendritic patching documented by [11].

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