Design, layout, and tools for effective web-based instruction

Kimberly Sward, Janis P. Terpenny, William G. Sullivan

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Many universities are rushing to be active participants or leaders in on-line instruction. The effectiveness of materials and the time and effort for the initial development of web-based course materials are significant factors affecting the success of these efforts. Recently, a variety of software tools have emerged to meet the demand for the development and maintenance of web-based course materials. Tools are varied in terms of ease of use, skills needed, time requirements, course support features, initial costs, and licensing fees for users. This paper provides a brief overview of several tools for web-based educational needs. A summary of features, strengths, and limitations is provided. Clarity of information for Internet users will be emphasized, including factors and display problems to keep in mind during design and development of online materials. An example based on an existing "virtual" classroom for the economics of engineering design is included to reinforce discussion of layout, development, and presentation of materials.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalProceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference
StatePublished - 2002

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  • General Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


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