Determination of leptoquark properties in polarized eγ collisions

Michael A. Doncheski, Stephen Godfrey

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We study leptoquark production using polarized eγ colliders for the center-of-mass energies s =500 GeV and 1 TeV. We show that, using polarization asymmetries, the ten different types of leptoquarks listed by Buchmüller, Rückl, and Wyler can be distinguished from one another for leptoquark masses essentially up to the kinematic limit of the respective colliders. Thus, if a leptoquark were discovered, an eγ collider could play a crucial role in determining its origins.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1040-1045
Number of pages6
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1995

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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