Diagnostic delays in breast cancer among young women: An emphasis on healthcare providers

Luis Costa, Rakesh Kumar, Cynthia Villarreal-Garza, Saket Sinha, Sunil Saini, Jayanti Semwal, Vartika Saxsena, Vaishali Zamre, Chintamani Chintamani, Mukurdipi Ray, Chikako Shimizu, Lejla Hadzikadic Gusic, Masakazu Toi, Allan Lipton

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Despite advances in breast cancer care, breast cancer in young women (BCYW) faces unique challenges, diagnostic delays, and limited awareness in many countries. Here, we discuss the challenges and consequences associated with the delayed diagnosis of BCYW. The consequences of delayed diagnosis in young women - which generally varies among developed, developing, or underdeveloped countries - are severe due to a faster breast tumor growth rate than tumors in older women, also contributing to advanced cancer stages and poorer outcomes. Though there are many underlying reasons for diagnostic delays due to age, the article delves explicitly deep into the diagnostic delay of BCYW, focusing on healthcare providers, potential contributing factors, its consequences, and the urgent need to start minimizing such incidences. The article suggests several strategies to address these issues, including increasing awareness, developing educational programs for healthcare providers to identify signs and symptoms in young women, developing clear diagnostic guidelines, and improving screening strategies.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number103623
StatePublished - Feb 2024

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  • Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Cancer Research

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