Effect of abscisic acid and benzyladenine on fruit set and fruit quality of apples

Duane W. Greene, James R. Schupp, H. Edwin Winzeler

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Experiments were conducted over a 5-year period to determine the effects of abscisic acid (ABA) and benzyladenine (BA) applied alone and in combination on fruit set, fruit quality, and return bloom of 'McIntosh' and 'Fuji' apples. ABA thinned in 3 of the 5 years used and it thinned 'McIntosh' when applied at bloom, petal fall, and at the 10-mm fruit size stage. On 'Fuji', ABA thinned over a range of concentrations from 150 to 1000 mg.L-1. It caused leaf yellowing on 'McIntosh' but not on 'Fuji'. When BA was applied with ABA on 'McIntosh', even at a rate as high as 1000 mg.L-1, it either dramatically reduced or prevented leaf yellowing and leaf abscission. The usefulness of applying BA with ABA was inconclusive because of variability in thinning response. ABA advanced surface red color on 'McIntosh' and when combined with BA, it reversed the reduction in red color caused by BA.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)604-609
Number of pages6
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2011

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