Effect of chronic maternal methadone exposure on perinatal development

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The effect of perinatal exposure to methadone on body growth and brain development was studied in rat. Female Sprague-Dawley albino rats received daily intraperitoneal injections of 5 mg/kg dl-methadone-HCl during gestation and lactation. Body weights were reduced in drug-treated mothers during gestation and the first 2 weeks of lactation. No differences in gestation time, litter size, or infant mortality were recorded, however methadone-treated offspring grew more slowly than controls. Weight deficits persisted in rats observed 5½ weeks after cessation of drug exposure (group 1) and in animals continuing to receive daily intraperitoneal injections of 5 mg/kg (group 2). From birth to day 21, brain weight and length, cerebral width and cerebellar weight and width were generally smaller in methadone-exposed rats. Brain measurements of group 1 and group 2 animals on day 60 revealed a reduction in brain and cerebellar weights and cerebral and cerebellar widths from control values. Brain:body weight and cerebellum:brain weight ratios were similar to controls. Analysis of these results indicates that maternal methadone treatment retards the growth of young rats and affects brain development.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1977

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