H. Baratte, D. C. La Tulipe, D. J. Frank, P. M. Solomon, Thomas Nelson Jackson, S. L. Wright

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As-grown (enhancement-mode) and implanted (depletion-mode) GaAs SISFETs are fabricated in selective areas of the same chip with a self-aligned refractory gate process. Both types of devices have comparable characteristics (transconductances of 350 mS/mm at 300 K and 380 mS/mm at 77 K, maximum drain current of 350 mA/mm at 300 K and 400 mA/mm at 77 K for 0. 8- mu m gate lengths) and low gate leakage. A drift mobility of 20,000 cm**2V** minus **1s** minus **1 is measured at 77 K for the implanted GaAs SISFETs while 150,000 cm**2V** minus **1s** minus **1 is measured for the as-grown heterostructures. Small circuits, fabricated with these enhance-deplete GaAs SISFETs, are described.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Number of pages14
StatePublished - 1987

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