This chapter discusses the issue of enhancement technologies raised by the animated film The Incredibles (2004). In the film the "good guys" are those whose powers are endowed naturally, while the "bad guy" (Syndrome) acquired his power through artificial technologic enhancement. While this directorial choice of equating good with natural and evil with technological may be unintended, it does reflect the long-held view in American society that people should succeed on their own merits. The film also raises important questions about social equity and the role that medicine and technology should play in promoting a meritocratic society. Should individuals use technology to magnify their abilities in order to compete with those who naturally run faster, jump higher, or are endowed with greater strength? Or, is this somehow a form of "cheating," providing, as it were, some individuals with an unfair advantage that they do not deserve?.

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Title of host publicationThe Picture of Health
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PublisherOxford University Press
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StatePublished - May 27 2015

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