Epilogue: Advances in L2 alignment and where we go from here

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This special issue brings together eight empirical studies plus a systematic review on second language (L2) alignment. These articles present novel methodologies and analyses that broaden the scope of inquiry within L2 alignment research to go beyond auditory, lexical and structural priming in important ways. They show that lexical, structural and nonverbal alignment occurs in naturalistic L2 dialogue and that different levels of L2 alignment, alongside socio-affective factors, can facilitate L2 communication and learning. Multiple studies also add to our understanding that L2 alignment is driven by a combination of automated/implicit and conscious/explicit processes. This special issue lays the foundation for researchers and practitioners alike to better appreciate the multi-faceted nature of alignment in the context of L2 learning. Collectively, this issue points in exciting directions for future research and pedagogical interventions that support alignment in ways that can facilitate L2 interaction and learning.

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Article number103023
StatePublished - Jun 2023

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