Evaluation of a food label nutrition intervention for women with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Carla K. Miller, Gordon L. Jensen, Cheryl L. Achterberg

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Objective. To evaluate an educational intervention about the food label designed specifically for women with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Design. A pretest-posttest control group design. Participants received random group assignment. Subjects/setting. Forty-three women aged 40 to 60 years with type 2 diabetes living in a rural community in Pennsylvania participated. Forty participants (93%) completed the program. Intervention. Nine weekly group sessions were developed on the basis of findings from previous research among this sample. Principles from Ausubel's learning theory were also incorporated into program design and evaluation. Main outcome measures. The effectiveness of the food label education program on participants' knowledge was determined using a multiple-choice test designed to measure declarative and procedural knowledge. A skills inventory assessed participants' perceived confidence in using the food label. The validity and reliability of the instruments had been established previously. Statistical analyses. Analysis of variance was performed to compare groups. Paired t tests compared pretest and posttest results. Results. The experimental group showed a greater gain than the control group in total knowledge (P<.001), declarative knowledge (P<.001), and procedural knowledge (P<.01) at posttest. Posttest data showed, a significant increase (P<.01) in experimental participants' perceived confidence in using the food label. Conclusions. Women with diabetes need more education about the food label. This intervention is an effective outpatient education program. Participant knowledge and perceived confidence in using the food label improved significantly as a result of the intervention. Future research should assess retention of knowledge gained and the impact of the intervention on metabolic measures of diabetes management and control.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)323-328
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of the American Dietetic Association
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1999

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  • Food Science
  • Nutrition and Dietetics


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