Expression regulation and function of PD-1 and PD-L1 in T lymphoma cells

Maria Y. Liu, John D. Klement, Candace J. Langan, Jan van Riggelen, Kebin Liu

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T lymphoma cells may constitutively express PD-1 and PD-L1. The relative role of PD-1 and PD-L1 in T lymphoma is incompletely understood. We report here that PD-1+ PDL-1+ human T lymphoma cells exhibit constitutive hyperactivation of the TCR signaling and do not respond to PD-L1-mediated suppression in vitro. Knocking out PD-1 or PD-L1 has no effects on T lymphoma cell apoptosis and proliferation in vitro, but significantly increased tumor-bearing mouse survival. Our findings determine that the constitutively active TCR signaling pathway maintain T lymphoma cell growth in vitro and that both PD-1 and PD-L1 promote T lymphoma growth in vivo.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number104397
JournalCellular Immunology
StatePublished - Aug 2021

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  • Immunology


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