Facile fabrication of metal-free urchin-like g-C3N4 with superior photocatalytic activity

Lei Luo, Anfeng Zhang, Michael J. Janik, Chunshan Song, Xinwen Guo

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Spherical urchin-like graphitic carbon nitride nanoparticles with high specific surface area were prepared by thermal-induced self-condensation of melamine and a flower-like porous silica template. These urchin-like g-C3N4 were characterized by TEM, N2 physical adsorption, XRD, FT-IR, XPS, UV-Vis and PL spectra. After complete removal of the silica template, the urchin-like g-C3N4 particles exhibited almost 12.3 times higher activity than the conventional bulk g-C3N4 during photocatalytic degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation. The enhanced photocatalytic activity can be attributed to the increased surface area (SBET = 131.5 m2 g-1) together with the reduced recombination of photogenerated electron-hole pairs, as confirmed by the PL spectra. These urchin-like g-C3N4 nanoparticles demonstrate semiconductor-redox functions that make them candidates for use as catalyst supports, nitrogen-rich templates, and selective organic synthesis photocatalysts.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)94496-94501
Number of pages6
JournalRSC Advances
Issue number97
StatePublished - 2016

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  • General Chemistry
  • General Chemical Engineering


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