Facile synthesis of MoS2and MoxW1-xS2triangular monolayers

Zhong Lin, Michael T. Thee, Ana Laura Elías, Simin Feng, Chanjing Zhou, Kazunori Fujisawa, Néstor Perea-López, Victor Carozo, Humberto Terrones, Mauricio Terrones

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Single- and few-layered transition metal dichalcogenides, such as MoS2and WS2, are emerging two-dimensional materials exhibiting numerous and unusual physico-chemical properties that could be advantageous in the fabrication of unprecedented optoelectronic devices. Here we report a novel and alternative route to synthesize triangular monocrystals of MoS2and MoxW1-xS2by annealing MoS2and MoS2/WO3precursors, respectively, in the presence of sulfur vapor. In particular, the MoxW1-xS2triangular monolayers show gradual concentration profiles of W and Mo whereby Mo concentrates in the islands' center and W is more abundant on the outskirts of the triangular monocrystals. These observations were confirmed by atomic force microscopy, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, as well as Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy. The presence of tunable PL signals depending on the MoxW1-xS2stoichiometries in 2D monocrystals opens up a wide range of applications in electronics and optoelectronics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number092514
JournalAPL Materials
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2014

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