Fitzgerald and Hemingway

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During the past two years, scholarship on Ernest Hemingway has continued to outweigh scholarship on F. Scott Fitzgerald by a ratio of almost two to one. However, Fitzgerald’s numbers are nearly equal in periodical scholarship for 2019—it is book-length studies that pull Hemingway far ahead. For both authors, scholarship trends include pointed and narrow biographical topics, ecocritical and global perspectives, and reconsiderations of the writers’ views on war. Both authors are also inspiring excellent scholarship related to teaching and classroom techniques, and Freudian psychoanalysis appeared surprisingly frequently among 2019 publications. For Fitzgerald, in particular, scholarship over the past two years has emphasized textual editing, biographical revisions, and bringing together socioeconomic critiques with theoretical approaches such as ecocriticism. Over the same period, scholarship on Hemingway has highlighted war writing, trauma, race relations, archival reveals, and a rich range of comparisons with other authors.

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JournalAmerican Literary Scholarship
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StatePublished - Sep 2021

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