FON1, an Arabidopsis gene that terminates floral meristem activity and controls flower organ number

Hai Huang, Hong Ma

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A novel gene that regulates floral meristem activity and controls floral organ number was identified in Arabidopsis and is designated FON1 (for FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER1). The fon1 mutants exhibit normal vegetative development and produce normal inflorescence meristems and immature flowers before stage 6. fon1 flowers become visibly different from wild-type flowers at stage 6, when the third-whorl stamen primordia have formed. The fon1 floral meristem functions longer than does that of the wild type: after the outer three-whorl organ primordia have initiated, the remaining central floral meristem continues to produce additional stamen primordia interior to the third whorl. Prolonged fon1 floral meristem activity also results in an increased number of carpels. The clavata (clv) mutations are known to effect floral meristem activity. We have analyzed the clv1 fon1, clv2 fon1, and clv3 fon1 double mutants. These double mutants all have similar phenotypes, with more stamens and carpels than either fon1 or c/v single mutants. This indicates that FON1 and CLV genes function in different pathways to control the number of third- and fourth-whorl floral organs. In addition, to test for possible interactions between FON1 and other floral regulatory genes, we have constructed and analyzed the relevant double mutants. Our results suggest that FONt does not interact with TERMINAL FLOWER1, APETALA1, APETALA2, or UNUSUAL FLORAL ORGAN. In contrast, normal LEAFY function is required for the expression of fon1 phenotypes. In addition, FON1 and AGAMOUS both seem to affect the domain of APETALA3 function, which also affects the formation of stamen-carpel chimera due to fon1 mutations. Finally, genetic analysis suggests that FON1 interacts with SUPERMAN, which also regulates floral meristem activity.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)115-134
Number of pages20
JournalPlant Cell
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1997

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