Free-standing NiTi alloy nanowires fabricated by nanoskiving

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We report on free-standing NiTi alloy nanowires (120 nm × 75 nm) fabricated using a technique referred to as "nanoskiving", which complements conventional thin film sputter deposition with ultramicrotomy for thin sectioning. To date, the technique has been limited to pure metals without exploring metallic alloys. Leveraging the technique for the fabrication of shape memory alloy (SMA) nanostructures meets two critical requirements: compositional control (via film deposition) and controlled dimensions (via film deposition and programmable sectioning). Microstructure and composition analysis confirm continuity of the produced nanowires and Ni and Ti elemental uniformity. Free-standing NiTi nanowires are robust and remain intact throughout physical manipulation. The fabrication of NiTi alloy nanowires by nanoskiving will advance fundamental characterization of small scale SMA behavior.

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StatePublished - Aug 28 2015

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