Genomic strategies for the identification of dopamine receptor genes in zebrafish

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In this chapter, we describe the identification and cloning of D2-like dopamine receptor (DR) genes in zebrafish, a vertebrate model genetic organism. To identify DR genes, we performed searches of the zebrafish genomic sequence database that yielded contig segments of several D2-like DR genes. From these sequences, we amplified full-length cDNAs encoding three D2, one D3, and three D4 DR receptor subtypes via RT-PCR. The predicted proteins displayed 57-72% amino acid identity when compared to their human DR counterparts. To validate the identity of zebrafish DR genes, each of the genes was mapped by using the T51 radiation hybrid panel. With the exception of drd2b and drd4b, each of the zebrafish DR genes mapped to chromosomal positions that were syntenic with regions of human chromosomes containing orthologs of the zebrafish DR genes. To further validate the identity of the D2-like DR genes in zebrafish, we conducted phylogenetic analysis which supported the predicted identities of the cloned DR receptor cDNAs.

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