Good Manufacturing Practices and Other Programs in Support of the Food Safety System

Martin Bucknavage, Jonathan A. Campbell

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Good manufacturing practices or GMPs set the foundation for all types of food safety systems. The United States Code, a document where all U.S. federal regulations are written, refers to GMPs as “current Good Manufacturing Practices”, and these regulatory documents set the minimum regulatory requirements for food companies to comply. Regardless of which terminology is used, GMPs can be defined as broad, general statements that describe activities that develop the basis for food safety. These types of statements often lead to more focused policies or procedures that describe an activity in more detail. “All employees should wash their hands” is a great example of a broad statement that may be included in a company’s GMPs. This statement does not address how the employee should wash their hands, but it does set a foundation or expectation of worker hygiene standards. Statements, like the aforementioned example, lead to more detailed programs that would describe how a company’s employees should wash their hands. GMPs and these detailed programs are a major component that support the entire food safety system. GMPs are a component of both USDA and FDA regulated foods and set forth a limited but important component of the food safety support systems. Although GMPs encompass the requirements that government regulatory agencies can enforce, a food processing facility’s program should rise above the limited scope of GMPs and include broader aspects of control. Many food companies seek to market their products at various retail outlets that audit these procedures. Without a solid foundation, significant food hazards will not be properly controlled and may disrupt the trust that is built between food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. Food safety lies in the development of a good foundation or set of GMPs that are built upon to encompass all aspects of the food safety system and promote the safe production of wholesome food for consumers to enjoy.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2020

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