H-2 types of translocation stocks T(2;9)138Ca, T(9; 13)190Ca and an H-2 recombinant

Jan Klein, Dagmar Klein, Donald C. Shreffler

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H-2 alleles of translocation stocks T138 and T190 were analyzed in the direct hemagglutination test and by in vivo absorption with oligospecific antisera. The alleles of both stocks were found to be indistinguishable from the H-2q allele of strain DBA/1. This conclusion was confirmed by an F1 test with skin grafts. The possible origin of the H-2q allele of the translocation stocks and its possible relationship to H-2q alleles of other strains are discussed. An H-2 recombinant which arose by crossing over between H-2a of BIO.A and H-1q of T138 was also analyzed. The recombinant has a new combination of H-2v antigens which we propose to call H-2v. The H-2y allele has its D end derived from H-T and its K end derived from H-21. Factors controlling antigens H-2.17 and H-2.30 are placed by this recombinant in the opposite sides from Sip in the H-2 map. On the basis of these and other data, it is hypothesized that H-2m allele of strain AKR.M might have also arisen by crossing over between alleles H-2K of strain AKR and H-2q of noninbred strain M.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)309-320
Number of pages12
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 1970

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