High-energy neutrinos and gamma-ray bursts

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High-energy neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) have been expected in various scenarios. Many predictions for the prompt and afterglow emission were done in the pre-Swift era. After the launch of Swift, several new discoveries such as flares have allowed us to expect additional possibilities of the neutrino emission from GRBs. In this paper, we overview predictions of the high-energy neutrino emission from GRBs, and compare them with several predictions for other sources such as active galactic nuclei (AGN) and clusters of galaxies. High-energy neutrino signals may be detected by future-coming large neutrino detectors such as IceCube and KM3Net. If detected, they should be very useful for knowing the nature of cosmic-ray acceleration sites. It also helps us to reveal the possible connection between ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) and GRBs.

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Title of host publicationKEK Cosmophysics Group Inaugural Conference - Accelerators in the Universe - Interplay between High Energy Physics and Cosmophysics
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StatePublished - 2008
EventKEK Cosmophysics Group Inaugural Conference - Accelerators in the Universe, AIU 2008 - Tsukuba, Japan
Duration: Mar 12 2008Mar 14 2008

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OtherKEK Cosmophysics Group Inaugural Conference - Accelerators in the Universe, AIU 2008

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