Histocompatibility-2 system in wild mice II. H-2 haplotypes of t-bearing mice

Hammerberg Craig, Jan Klein, Karen Artzt, Dorothea Bennett

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As a first step in the study of the possible relationship between the T/t and H-2 complexes, the H-2 antigenic composition of the strains carrying factors t12, tw32, tw2, tw3, t1, t0, t6, tw1 tw71 tw73 tw12, tw5, tw75, and t38 was studied by using a battery of antisera containing antibodies against inbred-derived H-2 antigens. In addition, five t strains (t12, t6 tw5, tw1 and tw2) were selected for the production of antisera against the H-2 complexes carried by t chromosomes. Spleen, lymph node, and thymus cells from H-2b/t heterozygotes and tw2/tw2 homozygotes were injected into appropriate F1 hybrids between two inbred strains that carried the inbred-derived H-2 antigens of the donor. Four new H-2 antigens and one Ia antigen were uncovered and were assigned the symbols H-2.106 through H-2.109, and Ia.101, respectively. Three new H-2 haplotypes were also described, based upon the H-2 antigenic pattern of three t factors, t12, tw1, and tw5. These new haplotypes were given the symbols H-2t12, H-2tw1 and H-2tw5. When the t factors were grouped according to their H-2 haplotypes, their distribution, with certain exceptions, corresponded to the complementation groups. Thus, t chromosomes in the same complementation group carried similar, if not identical, H-2 haplotypes, despite the fact that these chromosomes were derived from widely separated geographic areas. Such an association between the t and H-2 complexes is most unusual in light of what is known of the polymorphism of H-2 haplotypes in wild mice populations. It suggests more than a casual relationship, at least at the population level, between the t and H-2 loci.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)199-212
Number of pages14
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1976

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