Human cytosolic tRNase ZL can downregulate gene expression through miRNA

Reyad A. Elbarbary, Hiroaki Takaku, Naoto Uchiumi, Hiroko Tamiya, Mayumi Abe, Hiroshi Nishida, Masayuki Nashimoto

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A long form of tRNase Z (tRNase ZL) can cleave any target RNA at any desired site under the direction of artificial small guide RNA including ∼25-nucleotide hook-shaped RNA. Here we show that human miR-103 can form a hook structure to guide target RNA cleavage by human cytosolic tRNase ZL in vitro. In vivo analyses using luciferase mRNAs modified to contain miR-103 target sequences in their 3′ untranslated regions indicated that miR-103 downregulates gene expression through directing mRNA cleavage by tRNase ZL. The present data suggest the possibility that human cytosolic tRNase ZL modulates gene expression through a subset of microRNAs in the cells.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3241-3246
Number of pages6
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number19
StatePublished - Oct 6 2009

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  • Biophysics
  • Structural Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics
  • Cell Biology


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