Identification of FX in the heliobacterial reaction center as a [4Fe-4S] cluster with an S = 3/2 ground spin state

Mark Heinnickel, Rufat Agalarov, Nina Svensen, Carsten Krebs, John H. Golbeck

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Type I homodimeric reaction centers, particularly the class present in heliobacteria, are not well understood. Even though the primary amino acid sequence of PshA in Heliobacillus mobilis has been shown to contain an FX binding site, a functional Fe-S cluster has not been detected by EPR spectroscopy. Recently, we reported that PshB, which contains FA- and FB-like Fe-S clusters, could be removed from the Heliobacterium modesticaldum reaction center (HbRC), resulting in 15 ms lifetime charge recombination between P798+ and an unidentified electron acceptor [Heinnickel, M., Shen, G., Agalarov, R., and Golbeck, J. H. (2005) Biochemistry 44, 9950-9960]. We report here that when a HbRC core is incubated with sodium dithionite in the presence of light, the 15 ms charge recombination is replaced with a kinetic transient in the sub-microsecond time domain, consistent with the reduction of this electron acceptor. Concomitantly, a broad and intense EPR signal arises around g = 5 along with a minor set of resonances around g = 2 similar to the spectrum of the [4Fe-4S]+ cluster in the Fe protein of Azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase, which exists in two conformations having S = 3/2 and S = 1/2 ground spin states. The Mössbauer spectrum in the as-isolated HbRC core shows that all of the Fe is present in the form of a [4Fe-4S]2+ cluster. After reduction with sodium dithionite in the presence of light, approximately 65% of the Fe appears in the form of a [4Fe-4S]+ cluster; the remainder is in the [4Fe-4S]2+ state. Analysis of the non-heme iron content of HbRC cores indicates an antenna size of 21.6 ±1.1 BChl g molecules/P798. The evidence indicates that the HbRC contains a [4Fe-4S] cluster identified as Fx that is coordinated between the PshA homodimer; in contrast to FX in other type I reaction centers, this [4Fe-4S] cluster exhibits an S = 3/2 ground spin state.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)6756-6764
Number of pages9
Issue number21
StatePublished - May 30 2006

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