IEQ performance approaches

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The 19th ASHRAE IAQ conference will convene in Athens, Greece, September 14 – 16, 2020. IAQ 2020, like its predecessor IAQ 2016, will serve as the conference of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC). Since its inception in 1986, it has been customary for the IAQ conference to highlight an IAQ-related topic of current interest. The 2016 conference emphasized definitions of air quality, which are needed to enable controls based directly on contaminant exposures.1,2 The theme of IAQ 2020 is “Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches” with the subtitle “Transitioning from IAQ to IEQ.” This article presents the rationale for this choice and what it is hoped the conference will accomplish.

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JournalASHRAE Journal
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StatePublished - Oct 2019

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