Immunological Evaluation of Goats Immunized with a Commercial Vaccine against Johne’s Disease

John P. Bannantine, Judith R. Stabel, Vivek Kapur

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Johne’s disease affects ruminants causing an economic burden to dairy, meat and wool industries. Vaccination against Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Map), which causes Johne’s disease, is a primary intervention for disease control in livestock. Previously, a comprehensive, multi-institutional vaccine trial for Johne’s disease was conducted to test the efficacy of live attenuated Map strains. Here, we report the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses from kid goats enrolled in that trial. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated animals showed IFN-γ stimulation and proliferation of T cell subpopulations on challenge with Map. CD4+, CD25+ and γδ cells from cultured PBMCs in the vaccinated goats showed significantly greater proliferation responses on stimulation with Map antigens. The increase in CD44+ and decrease in CD62L+ cells suggest that vaccine administration reduced the inflammatory responses associated with Map infection. Overall, a stronger antibody response was observed in the infected goats as compared to vaccinated goats. Two independent experimental approaches were used to identify differences in the antibody responses of vaccinated and unvaccinated goats. The first approach involved screening a phage expression library with pooled serum from infected goats, identifying previously reported Map antigens, including MAP_1272c and MAP_1569. However, three specific antigens detected only by vaccinated goats were also identified in the library screens. A second approach using dot blot analysis identified two additional differentially reacting proteins in the vaccinated goats (MAP_4106 and MAP_4141). These immunological results, combined with the microbiological and pathological findings obtained previously, provide a more complete picture of Johne’s disease control in goats vaccinated against Map.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number518
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2022

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