In the Belly of the Beast: Effects of Anti-Immigration Policy on Latino Community Members

Seline Szkupinski Quiroga, Dulce M. Medina, Jennifer Glick

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This paper examines the experiences of Latino adults in South Phoenix, Arizona, during a time of changing immigration policy, through the theoretical lenses of structural vulnerability and macro- and microaggression. The analyses describe how U.S.- and foreign-born Latinos experience the effects of local immigration laws and anti-immigrant sentiment. The results suggest that while there are differences between the U.S.-born and foreign-born in perceived impacts of immigration enforcement, there are few differences in perceptions of vulnerability and no evidence of lesser psychological distress among those who are not the direct targets of immigration enforcement activities. Even if they do not feel directly at risk, most respondents express concerns for family members and others in their social networks as a result of increased attention to immigration enforcement or anti-immigrant sentiment. These shared impacts may have long-term implications for Latino communities in the United States.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1723-1742
Number of pages20
JournalAmerican Behavioral Scientist
Issue number13
StatePublished - Nov 8 2014

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  • Social Psychology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Education
  • Sociology and Political Science
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