Integrating mobile computers into informal science education

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This chapter summarizes research findings from the informal learning and educational technology fields that can guide the integration of mobile computers into informal science education (ISE). Design guidelines to support learners to develop robust science-related understandings enhanced by mobile computing are included for programs, exhibitions, and research held in zoos/aquaria, museums, science centers, nature centers, and parks. The empirically-derived findings are organized around four design recommendations applicable to ISE practice and research: (1) Facilitate heads-up technology use that supports social interactions within informal spaces; (2) Augment the visitors’ experiences with games, scientific narratives, and disciplinary-relevant aspects; (3) Incorporate activities that move the visit away from a passive consumption of facts towards the active generation and use of new knowledge; and (4) Revisit the learning experiences afterwards with the inclusion of bridges to home or community, use of social media, and connections to the same or other ISE sites.

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Title of host publicationPreparing Informal Science Educators
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2017

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