Interview Techniques Utilized in Radiology Resident Selection—A Survey of the APDR

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Rationale and Objectives: To evaluate interview techniques currently used in the selection of diagnostic radiology resident candidates and to identify factors influencing the use of alternative interview techniques. Materials and Methods: An anonymous 25 question e-mail survey was provided to 319 active members of the Association of Program Directors in Radiology. The survey included questions on residency demographics, organization of resident applicant interviews, types of interview techniques utilized, scoring and ranking of applicants, and facets of the interview/application felt most important to the selection process. Statistical analysis was performed to identify factors associated with the use of alternative interview techniques. Results: 93.7% of responding programs use traditional interview techniques, with 92% using unblinded, unstructured interviews, 8% blinded, unstructured interviews. Structured interview questions were incorporated in 22%. Few programs used alternative techniques like the multiple mini-interview. None of the programs used written prompts during the interview, 3% used casual visual cognitive testing, 10% used panel interview techniques, and none used formal personality testing. For ranking candidates in the match, the most important facets considered were USMLE Step scores, performance on the interview, clinical course grades, and letters of reference. Factors associated with use of alternative techniques were domains associated with program size and number of faculty. Conclusion: The majority of radiology training programs still rely upon the traditional unblinded interview technique. There is an opportunity for training programs to examine alternative techniques that reduce bias and may provide better insight into other aspects of the candidate that may not be as readily highlighted with the traditional, unblinded interview.

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JournalAcademic Radiology
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StatePublished - Jul 2019

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