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Since 1989, the Mechatronic Forum conferences have provided practitioners and educators working in the field of mechatronics with the opportunity to meet and discuss not only technical developments, but also aspects of course design and delivery. As mechatronics has developed as a subject, and as more and more students are exposed to the underlying concepts through courses at undergraduate and master's levels [1-3], there is an increasing requirement to provide both students and practitioners with access to examples of functioning systems in order to reinforce the concepts and structures which underpin the mechatronic concept. This book essentially arose from discussions at the Mechatronics Forum conferences, and in particular at Penn State Great Valley in 2006 where the education workshops made it clear that despite the growth in the number and availability of mechatronic textbooks, there was a need for something which drew attention to issues associated with and impacting on the design and implementation of mechatronic systems rather than the underlying technologies. The aim of the book is therefore to provide, through the medium of case studies by leading practitioners in the field, an insight for all interested in the mechatronic concept and the ways in which mechatronic systems and the associated educational programmes are designed, developed and implemented [4-7].

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Title of host publicationMechatronics in Action
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2010

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