Introduction: A call to action

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Research has demonstrated that intimate partner violence (IPV) is a severe and pervasive problem worldwide. Although most people tend to think of partner violence as women who are battered by their male partners, it is so much more than that. What has been repressed or hidden in plain sight are the sexual minority victims of IPV. Studies reveal there are differences and deficiencies in how sexual minority IPV victims are treated. Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers have yet to adapt their ideologies to accommodate these unseen victims. This can lead to negative consequences for victims and ultimately hinder our societal goals to recognize and eradicate IPV and provide equal justice for all. This book provides an evidence-based overview of the problem of IPV and sexual minorities. It offers a comprehensive review of the literature and suggestions that can pave the way to more inclusive research, ideologies, and practice designed to improve services and policies, thus leading us toward eradicating IPV and move toward a direction of inclusiveness and equality.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationIntimate Partner Violence and the LGBT+ Community
Subtitle of host publicationUnderstanding Power Dynamics
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
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ISBN (Electronic)9783030447625
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2020

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