Introduction to parton distribution functions

M. Dittmar, S. Forte, A. Glazov, S. Moch, S. Alekhin, G. Altarelli, J. Andersen, R. D. Ball, J. Blümlein, H. Böttcher, T. Carli, M. Ciafaloni, D. Colferai, A. Cooper-Sarkar, G. Corcella, L. Del Debbio, G. Dissertori, J. Feltesse, A. Guffanti, C. GwenlanJ. Huston, G. Ingelman, M. Klein, T. Laštovička, G. Laštovička-Medin, J. I. Latorre, L. Magnea, A. Piccione, J. Pumplin, V. Ravindran, B. Reisert, J. Rojo, A. Sabio Vera, G. P. Salam, F. Siegert, A. Staśto, H. Stenzel, C. Targett-Adams, R. S. Thorne, A. Tricoli, J. A.M. Vermaseren, A. Vogt

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


We provide an assessment of the impact of parton distributions on the determination of LHC processes, and of the accuracy with which parton distribution functions (PDFs) can be extracted from data, in particular from current and forthcoming HERA experiments. We give an overview of reference LHC processes and their associated PDF uncertainties, and study in detail W and Z production at the LHC. We discuss the precision which may be obtained from the analysis of existing HERA data, tests of consistency of HERA data from different experiments, and the combination of these data. We determine further improvements on PDFs which may be obtained from future HERA data (including measurements of FL), and from combining present and future HERA data with present and future hadron collider data. We review the current status of knowledge of higher (NNLO) QCD corrections to perturbative evolution and deep-inelastic scattering, and provide reference results for their impact on parton evolution, and we briefly examine non-perturbative models for parton distributions. We discuss the state-of-the art in global parton fits, we assess the impact on them of various kinds of data and of theoretical corrections, by providing benchmarks of Alekhin and MRST parton distributions and a CTEQ analysis of parton fit stability, and we briefly present proposals for alternative approaches to parton fitting. We summarize the status of large and small x resummation, by providing estimates of the impact of large x resummation on parton fits, and a comparison of different approaches to small x resummation, for which we also discuss numerical techniques.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages3
StatePublished - 2005
Event1st Workshop on the Implications of HERA for LHC Physics, HERA-LHC 2005 - Hamburg, Germany
Duration: Apr 1 2005Apr 1 2005


Other1st Workshop on the Implications of HERA for LHC Physics, HERA-LHC 2005

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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