Investigation of adsorption desulfurization of gasoline by AgY and AgMgY adsorbents

Xue Mei Shi, Min Liu, Xin Wen Guo, Chun Shan Song

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AgY and AgMgY adsorbents are prepared by liquid ion-exchange method. The effect of concentration of AgNO3 and Mg(NO3)2 on the adsorption desulfurization of AgY and AgMgY is investigated by small fixed bed using thiophene in the n-hexane as model gasoline. The results show that, the best adsorption desulfurization can be obtaind with 0.3 mol/L of the concentration of Ag+ solution and 0.15 mol/L of the concentration of Mg2+ solution. It also can be seen from the breakthrough curve that the maximum treatment capacity of AgY and AgMgY is 72 mL/g and 120 mL/g. The adsorption desulfurization property of AgMgY is much better than that of AgY. The adsorbents are characterized by XRD, XRF, TPR, FI-IR, and so on. The presence of Mg2+ as a co-catalyst helps to increase the content of Lewis acidity and enhance its reduction ability which is beneficial to improve the adsorption desulfurization. Adsorption capacity of the used adsorbents is not descended comparing with new adsorbents.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)50-53
Number of pages4
JournalXiandai Huagong/Modern Chemical Industry
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 2011

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  • General Chemical Engineering


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