Is sexual difference a problem

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Most of the discussions of sexual difference within feminist theory have focussed on the work of Luce Irigaray, for whom sexual difference is read through the problem of ontological difference. But Irigaray's work is often set alongside or supplemented by Derrida's use of différance. The work of Judith Butler, Rosi Braidotti, Drusilla Cornell and Elizabeth Grosz, accordingly? has until recently negotiated the question of sexual difference through a problematisation of the question of the origin. The work of Gilles Deleuze suggests a different way of asking the question of sexual difference: not as a question of the origin or the condition for the possibility of difference? but as the positivity of an 'incorporeal transformation of sense'. It is not, then? a question of deciding who is 'right' about sexual difference? nor is it a question of finding the correct metaphysics in order to discover what sexual difference is. Rather? we might begin to negotiate the various accounts of difference according to the types of questions posed and what such questions do.

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